Chairman's Message

TS Pattabhiraman


The Covid pandemic has changed the entire outlook of all educational Institutions . The teachers and students are deprived of the personal interactions and have made the switch over to online classes. The children are deprived of their playtime with friends, interactive learning time and precious moments to forge bonds of friendship .Parents and working couples have to balance not only work and household duties, but also be the teachers to their children and engage them productively at home . We have also not been able to conduct any school competitions to showcase the talents of our students.

However , we all must remain optimistic and learn to adapt to the new situation . We are enthusiastic that a dedicated school website will keep all of us up- to- date and engage interested students and parents in a variety of school activities. Communication is the key to make it work and we seek your support to make this happen. Let this be the perfect way to reach out to all who are a part of the BVB family . In the words of the great Charles Darwin- It is not the strongest of the species that survived , nor the most intelligent. It is the one that is most adaptable to change .

Let us all make intelligent and smart choices and adapt to this new situation life has thrown at us . Let us continue showing a bright future for our children in every small way we can think of .

Thank you and best regards