Kulapati Munshi Bhavan’s Vidya Mandir Pottore

Payment of school/ Bus Fee

It is prefered that parents may remit School fee &Bus fee annually or term wise. Parents can also make monthly remittance with prior information to school office. fee remittance can be made online or manually using pre-printed remittance slips provided from School/Bank.

Online Payment

For Online payments through the payment gateway provided by HDFC Bank, please follow the steps below

Click to Pay online appearing in the address bar login with your Username and Password. Fee payment window will open on the computer screen -click on to the fee details and select mode of payment - viz , monthly/Term wise /Annual-click Rest Button for resetting the fee details, if necessary -Click 'continue for payment and select the mode of payment viz. Debit card/ Credit card/netbanking -Click and continue payment procedure through Card or personal Bank Account

Manual Payment

parents can also remitt fee manually through Bank Counter using pre printed remittance slips provided by Bank/School. As the amount printed on the remittance slips cannot be changed or corrected, please ensure that the periodicity of payment opted is duly intimated to the staff. ie.., the intension to pay fees annual/term wise or monthly may be intimated to the staff before actual generation of the slip. Also please dont make any fee remittance using ordinary blank remittance slips as such remittances may not be captured in school Records resulying in appearing your ward's name on the defaulters list

Smart Class Fee Std I-XII

Smart class fee for primary Rs-800 per annum. Secondary and Senior Secondary - Rs -1200 per annum, may be paid in 2 installments during June to October

Note: The special ffee includes cost of Student's diary report card, Identity Card and School magazine. there will be no seperate collection for the same


  1. Fees are payable on or before 10th of every month as per schedule. After 10th (till the close of the month ). Fee will have to be deposited along with late fee of re.1/- per day (including holidays). If 10th is a holiday, fee will be collected without fine on the next working day
  2. failure to pay the fees pay by the close of the month will result in the removal of the student from the Rolls of the school without intimation and will entail re-admission fee of Rs. 100/-
  3. Dhanalakshmi bank. Kottekkad branch, thrissur will operate at KMBVM premises at pottore till the tenth of every month.
  4. Parents will keep the Fee receipt with them and produce it whenever required by the school.
  5. Parents have the option to deposit fees for a whole term or the whole year in advance
  6. The Name, Admission number, Class and Section of the Student must clearly be written on the bank slip and back side of the cheque
  7. In case of doubt regarding the payment of dues, prents will kindly deal directly with the school office between 9:30am and 1;30 pm on all working days.
  8. Students of Std X and XII should remitt the fees for february and March 2019 latest by 31st January