Secretary's Message

K. P. Radhakrishnan


Namaste !

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. - Nelson Mandela.

We at Bhavans believe that we should mould students into future citizens who are well equipped for the future , yet grounded in traditional roots. Education enables one to realize one’s talents and understand one’s responsibilities to propel one’s personal growth and to make one a worthy citizen.

Over the past decade, the environment of education has dramatically changed. We now live in an era where a critical understanding of the global dimensions to learning and development of students as global citizens are gaining importance. Our education system has phenomenal powers to bring substantial benefits to the individual and the society.

I truly appreciate parents for supporting the organization in all aspects. I also acknowledge the dedicated efforts of teachers for imparting the best of their knowledge and honing the learning skills in children. I encourage the students to stay disciplined and wish them continued success in life.

The management and staff of KMBVM wish all our well wishers the very best .

With regards